Discover Rhodes

Rhodes is the fourth largest island in Greece. It is 78 kilometers long and 34 kilometers wide, and with over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, it is one of the sunniest regions in Europe. From May to mid-October, hardly any rain is expected.

Our water sports center in Theologos is located on the western coast of Rhodes and the distance to Rhodes town is about 15 kilometers. With the rental car you are in only 20 minutes directly in the tourist center, which is located on the north / east coast of the island. You can also take the bus to Rhodes town, which departs directly above the LOGOS Beach Village and takes you to the city center in 30 minutes for little money.

Definitely worth seeing is the old town with the Grand Master’s Palace and the mighty city walls, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Also worth a visit are the thermal baths of Kallithea, which opened in the summer of 2007 and are located on the east coast of the island. Finally, a bit further south lies the stronghold of tourism, the region around Faliraki. There are numerous bars, discos and restaurants.

Another sight worth visiting is the Acropolis of Lindos. Only the Acropolis of Athens is visited more often. Lindos is a cute little town with numerous serpentine roads. The Acropolis can be explored on foot or by so-called donkey cabs. In the high season, however, the small town is very busy. The south is less developed for tourism and therefore not so well connected to the bus network. However, rental cars or cabs make it possible to reach all places on the island without any problems.