Experience the new fascinating water sport Wingfoilen with us in Theologos!

We offer you in our watersports center in Theologos on Rhodes a beach section of about 2500sqm with enough space for foiling. Both on the beach and on the water you can comfortably spread out with the Wing.

Advantages are our shallow entry area, as well as sufficiently deep fairway, which favors a pleasant water start and first gliding successes.
Basically, you need little space for the Wingfoil material and its construction. In addition, the handling is very user and travel friendly, which makes wingfoiling popular with all followers.

At our station we have impeccable Slingshot material waiting for you with about 30 boards and 60 wings between 3sqm – 6sqm. You have the opportunity to test the equipment both in the rental and in the training sessions, whether you are a water sports novice or an experienced surfer. Of course, we will respond to your previous knowledge very individually.

All further details about wingfoiling as well as storage, station, beach catering and wind conditions can be found on the website of our water sports center at

If you would like an individual combined offer with a hotel on the beach and a Wing course, just send us an email: